Experience The Majesty Of Snowboarding In Idaho At Tamarack

By Wolfe Ashcraft

Snowboard In Idaho At Tamarack Resort

For those who love snowboarding in Idaho, adventure is in their blood. While the degree of adventure varies, anyone who finds joy bombing down big vertical on a plank, getting lost in powder, shooting through trees, or exploring backcountry; well, let’s just say snowboarders are wired differently. Filled with a love to explore, to experience new terrain, to push themselves and find what releases nature’s drug — adrenaline — they seek the thrill in the challenges they find.

Experience An Idaho Snowboarding Adventure

Like every other adventurer, snowboarders are always on the hunt for something new — a new run, a new jib, a new jump, a new grab — needless to say, complacency isn’t something they handle well. And one thing riders love is a good mountain with varied terrain, plenty of snow, 2000+ feet of vertical drop, options for off-trail, and of course, the possibility of heading out-of-bounds to the addiction of backcountry. But many mountains that boast such things are overrun and tracked out. Enter the wintertime majesty of Tamarack Resort.

Located in the mountains of western Idaho, Tamarack finds its home on the shores of Lake Cascade. This destination resort has plenty of lifts to keep lines from getting long so riders can spend their time on the slopes. Tamarack provides plenty of wintertime splendor with stunning views of the lake and valley below ­— combine this breath-taking beauty with all Tamarack resort has to offer, and it’s easy to see why more people are coming here each season.

A Snowboarder’s Dream Come True

Most snowboarders can remember the day they first stepped into bindings and strapped a board to their feet. Despite the falls, the sore wrists, and the bruised backsides, the desire to get to the point where they could control their turns, get some speed, and hear the wind rush past was strong. And when that point came, they pushed further to find more challenging terrain, longer runs, deeper powder, and more significant vertical. For a snowboarder, each season longs for more than the last. Regardless of skillset, this is what you’ll find at Tamarack — more.


With 50 named runs from novice to advanced, multiple terrain parks, plenty of snow, more than a half-mile of vertical, 1100 acres of lift accessible terrain for the off-trail lovers, east-facing slopes, and ample backcountry; Tamarack Resort is truly a snowboarder’s dream come true.


Tamarack Snapshot

Summit elevation 7,700’
Base elevation 4,900’
Average snowfall 300’’
Vertical drop 2,800’
Lift Accessible Terrain 1,100 acres
Named Runs 50
Terrain breakdown 15% novice, 44% intermediate, 42% advanced
Terrain parks 3
Number of lifts 7

Snowboarding Big Vertical

Snowboarder paradise

Looking down from Tamarack Summit is no joke. Two thousand eight hundred vertical feet await those who take the Summit Express to runs like After You, if your polite (or chicken), and Me First if you just need to get after it. Trails like Adrenaline, Funnel, and The Spine offer plenty of speed and access to lower runs.

For those looking for a more leisurely descent, Upper Serenity and Upper Bliss will scratch that itch as they work their way down to lower runs like Pursuit, Waltz, Enigma, and so many more. This east facing mountain’s variety of terrain is well thought out. So regardless of experience, there are runs for every skill level that offer access to the entire mountain — even those budding from beginner to intermediate can take advantage of some of the state’s biggest vertical. With 300 + inches of some of the best snow Idaho has to offer, every run from beginner to advanced is a pleasure to ride.

Off-trail Madness: Take Your Board To The Trees

Some riders are looking for more than thousands of vertical feet — some want to turn their downhill experience into an off-trail obstacle course. This is precisely what makes snowboarding through trees so much fun — each cluster of tall trunks is nature’s obstacle course. With 1100 acres of lift-accessible terrain, off-trail options abound at Tamarack. Drop into Tango from the summit, board your way into Reasons to Quit, and work your way down to Serenity Canyon — both areas make for some fantastic tree riding. Or head to the northside of the resort to The Grove. From top to bottom, there is no shortage of options for taking your board to the trees.

The Perfect Place For Beginners

Beginner snowboarder

Not up for thousands of feet of vertical or riding through trees? Don’t worry, beginners are welcome at Tamarack. Every year, a host of people try attaching a snowboard to their feet for the first time, eager to try something new. With Tamarack’s full-service rental shop, there is equipment available for every age and every skill level. You can even demo the latest and greatest gear.

If you are looking for guidance, spend some time at the Winter Sports School with private lessons so you can get the most out of your time on the mountain. Tamarack even has the Backcountry Experience for those looking to head out-of-bounds.

Speaking of out-of-bounds…

Snowboarding Tamarack’s Backcountry

Backcountry snowboarding

The ultimate thrill for many is challenging backcountry riding. Often, accessing this kind of terrain requires long trudges uphill or the expense of a helicopter. But Tamarack’s backcountry is accessible from the Summit Express. No arduous climbs or expensive tabs necessary to reach untouched, out-of-bounds powder. Simply traverse north or south of the summit to find an adventure of a different kind. Tamarack’s 5000 acres of backcountry give snowboarders access to some of the best bowls, chutes, and cliffs the state has to offer. Miles upon miles of untouched powder and highly technical terrain await in Grouse Bowl or on Lone Tree Ridge to the south and in Wildwood Bowl or Halfmoon Bowl to the north.

If you’re bold enough to hit the backcountry of Tamarack, there are a few requirements:

  • Beacon
  • Shovel
  • Probe
  • Avalanche training

Not avalanched trained? No problem! Tamarack’s Backcountry Experience is a 5-hour course that will prep you for the ultimate in snowboarding. This course is not for beginners.

Snowboarding at Tamarack-Resort

Your Tamarack Idaho Snowboarding Experience

Regardless of your skillset, the level of adventure you seek, or the riding you prefer, Tamarack has everything you could want and more. So, get your board waxed, edges sharpened, and bindings dialed in — the snow at Tamarack is calling.