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Fat Tire Biking

Fat biking is one of the easiest and yet most rewarding ways to explore the trails at Tamarack!

Though it started in the 1980s, fat biking has grown in popularity in recent years. A longtime favorite for transportation on warm sandy beaches, these mountain bikes equipped with extra-wide tires are also a great choice for exploring groomed trails.

The under pressurized tires with thick tread provide plenty of traction in snow, making it easy to climb the gentle hills. Exploring the woods on a fat bike is an exciting and unique way to experience Tamarack’s winter wonderland. Work your way to any of the open meadows for great views, and when you crest a hill, kick the pedaling into overdrive to feel the wind rush past as you descend.

Limited rentals are available at the Tamarack Outfitters. Please call 208.325.1015 to inquire about fat bike rentals.