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Powder Pals

Powder Pals: Shred, Slide, and Share the Thrill!

Are you ready to break free from the ordinary and dive into a winter wonderland of pure joy? Welcome to Powder Pals – the ultimate Snowsport experience where skiers and snowboarders come together with an instructor to will help create unforgettable moments together on the mountain!

What Sets Powder Pals Apart:

Powder Pals is all about bringing friends and families together. Traditional lessons often don’t allow for skiers and snowboarders or people with different abilities to ski and ride together. Now you can create memories as you conquer the slopes side by side with friends and family regardless of what is on their feet. Share laughs, cheers, and high-fives with your snow buddies!

Unlike a traditional lessons where skills development is the primary objective, Powder Pals is like less time in the classroom and more about time on the mountain with your friends. Powder Pals is your passport to hours of thrilling adventures, ensuring you and your pals make the most of every moment in Tamarack’s breathtaking winter landscape.

Ski and Board Harmony:

No need to choose sides – skiers and snowboarders coexist in perfect harmony in Powder Pals. Our inclusive approach celebrates the diversity of winter sports, allowing everyone to slide in their chosen style while fostering a sense of unity among all participants.

Powder Pals focuses on creating an environment where the shared joy of the mountain becomes the heart of the experience.

Epic Terrain, Epic Friends:

Explore diverse and exciting terrain with your pals, from groomersand open snowfields to trees and parks. Together, you can conquer challenges, celebrate victories, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Join the Powder Pals Revolution:

Don't miss out on the winter camaraderie! Embrace the spirit of Powder Pals, where skiers and snowboarders unite, shred the mountain and create lasting memories together. Book your Powder Pals adventure now and get ready to share the mountain magic!

2-6 People

Ages 13+

Minimum ability – intermediate

Half Day (3 hours) at 9am and 12:30pm: $350

Full Day (6 hours) at 9am: $590