Tamarack Resort Offers New Off-Road Biking Adventure for Riders of All Abilities
Tamarack Resort just unveiled a new pump track and jump park area, adding to its already impressive bike park and providing guests with another fun, off-road area to explore on two wheels. Here are six things you should know before you visit.
Bike Park
  1. What is a pump track and a jump park?
    The pump track is a continuous circuit of dirt rollers, banked turns and other features designed to be ridden by “pumping” (up-and-down body movements used to generate momentum) rather than pedaling.
    The jump park showcases four dirt jump lines highlighted by three large six-foot ramps and a whale tale.
  2. What type(s) of rider are these designed for?
    The pump track is designed for all ages and levels of riders — from littles on pedal-free bikes all the way up to professional riders on a hard-tail mountain bike, Enduro bike, dirt jump bike or even a BMX-style bike.
    The jump park is built for intermediate to advanced riders on dirt jump bikes or hard-tail mountain bikes.
    Bike Park
  3. My family/friends are all at different levels of riding ability. Can/should we ride the course together?
    One of the best features of the pump track is that it’s designed for all types of riders to enjoy at the same time.
  4. I don’t have a bike. Can I rent one at Tamarack?
    Tamarack offers half- and full-day bike rentals for adults and juniors (12 and under) at the Sports Dome.
  5. Where is this new area located?
    The jump park is located in the base area of the resort near the main parking lot. Spectators can enjoy a direct view of the action from the plaza level of the Village at Tamarack.
    Bike Park
  6. How much does it cost?
    The pump track and jump park are complimentary to Tamarack Resort guests.
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