By Bryan Escobado | Oct 6, 2023

Golf is Back at Tamarack Resort: Your Guide to Nine-Hole Play at Osprey Meadows Golf Course

Exciting news for golf enthusiasts: golf is back at Tamarack Resort! While restoration efforts are underway to complete Osprey Meadows Golf Course (save the date for a grand opening event in July 2024!), the all-season resort has opened nine holes for eager players to enjoy some fantastic fall golf now through Oct. 15, 2023. Fans of the original Osprey Meadows course (which operated from 2006 to 2014) will be happy to hear the personality and overall layout of the course, with its mountain-andmeadow aesthetic, is being retained. Tamarack and the original course architects, RTJII, have reimagined several holes to improve playability. The new design features a special bonus: a 19th “Gambler’s” hole—a par 3 hole located at the end of the round to help settle friendly wagers among players. Excited to play the course? Then check out this handy hole-by-hole overview with tips for a successful round.

Hole 1 | Par 5 | 575 yards

Your round begins with the first completely new addition to the course. Tee it high and let it fly on this par 5. The fairway generously extends to the right of the bunker, giving you plenty of room to strategize. Before hitting your second shot, consider a quick drive ahead to scan the green and preview the potential hazards. For big hitters, the green is within reach— whether you run it up the middle, draw it around the left-side bunker, or go for the eagle by dropping it on top. Don’t worry about overhitting, as you have plenty of runway beyond the green. Otherwise, a smart play is to lay up on the hill, setting yourself up for an easy approach. Keep in mind that the green slopes left to right and back to front, which adds a fun challenge to this opening hole.

Hole 2 | Par 3 | 173 yards

Those who played the original course may recognize this former fourth hole, which is now a fun par 3 hole with a spacious green. Aiming for the middle of the green is your best bet here, but the green-side bunker (and which tees you’re playing) might influence your decision to go for the pin or play it safe. Keep an eye on the green’s subtle left-to-right slope as you plot your perfect putt.

Hole 3 | Par 4 | 413 yards

This challenging par 4 will be hole 5 upon completion of the course. On this uphill tee shot, you’re better off aiming just right of center on the fairway for the optimal angle to the green. Regardless of the pin placement, aiming for the middle right of the green is your safest strategy, setting you up for a potential par-saving putt.

Hole 4 | Par 4 | 450 yards

This scenic par 4 is hole 13 on the full 18, offering breathtaking views along the way. Your target from the tee box is the Ponderosa pine tree straight ahead, and the further down the hole you hit, the more you’ll contend with a downhill lie. While the green is rather wide, it’s not very deep and features a large bowl on the front-right side. Pat yourself on the back if you score a par here.

Hole 5 | Par 4 | 377 yards

The full course’s hole #14 offers golfers a risk-and-reward, par-4 experience. Playing it smart means aiming left between the left fairway bunker and the rough, ensuring a clean shot for your short iron approach. If you’re feeling lucky, you can attempt to carry it over the bunkers, but beware—a slight mishit might leave you with a challenging 50-to-70-yard shot from the sand.

Hole 6 | Par 3 | 195 yards

Encounter a stunning par 3 on the full course’s hole 15. It’s crucial to avoid going long to prevent a difficult recovery and secure a solid score on this picturesque hole. The green slopes from back to front on the left side, remaining relatively flat on the right.

Hole 7 | Par 5 | 546 yards

Past players will recall this as the original course’s first hole. This fantastic par 5 will be hole 17 on the full course and presents breathtaking views of Lake Cascade. The fairway slopes from left to right, offering choices for your approach. You can either play short of the fairway bunker on the left or take the middle route to reach the green in two. Your second shot can either lay up short of the fairway bunker or go for the carry to get closer. Just be prepared for the green’s back-to-front slope once you reach it.

Hole 8 | Par 4 | 496 yards

Formerly hole 2 on the original course, this epic par 4 will be hole 18 when the full course is completed. Depending on the tee placement, your aim should be at the right edge of the fairway bunker as the further right you are, the shorter the hole will play. But be careful not to aim too far right, as you’ll have to contend with aspens in your path. Bask in the surrounding beauty on your second shot toward the mountain, but don’t daydream too long as potential trouble lurks ahead on both sides of the fairway—a creek and a pond on the right and a bunker on the left. Tailor your approach shot to the pin location, with smart bailouts available either short, long left, or long right. Once you reach the green, prepare for a backto-front slope.

Hole 9 | Par 3 | 186 yards

The final hole of your round is the full course’s bonus 19th hole, which Tamarack calls The Gambler’s Hole. You’ll hear Kenny Rogers singing in your head as you tee off over a picturesque pond. Play it smart by aiming for the middle-left section of the green, which will leave you with a long two-putt but will help you avoid the water and bunkers awaiting your tee shot. If that’s not challenging enough, the green slopes back to front toward the pond— especially on the back-left section.

Course Regulations

Before you tee off, there are some simple ground rules to keep in mind:

Fairways with a Fair Price

If that isn’t enough to get you excited, players enjoy appropriately scaled green fees,* which also include a cart and driving range privileges prior to each round:

  • The Club at Tamarack members: Free
  • Homeowners: $30 (all-you-can-play rate: $40)
  • Lodging guests: $30 (all-you-can-play rate: $40)
  • Visitors: $40 (all-you-can-play rate: $55)
  • Juniors (17 and under): $10 (all-you-can-play rate: $20)
  • Re-round price: 50% off *Prices do not include taxes and fees.

Ready to Book Your Round?

Call 208.325.1458 or visit the Osprey Meadows Pro Shop (located on the bottom level of The Lodge at Osprey Meadows), to reserve your tee time. Tee times are available on Monday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and Tuesday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

Don’t have time for a round? No problem! The driving range is open for daily use during the same hours as tee time availability, and putting and chipping are available on the social and chipping greens. Don’t miss the final putting competition on the Social Green on Saturday, September 30. Additionally, clinics and private lessons are available for all ages and skill levels from Tamarack’s certified PGA and Nicklaus Academies professionals.

Stay and Save

The best way to experience all that Tamarack offers is by taking your time to explore. So why not extend your fall visit—and play more golf—with a stay in one of the resort’s mountainmodern vacation rental optionsSave 20% off your stay through 11/19/24 by using promo code FALL23 when you book.

Good luck and have fun!