Taylor Scott Band

For Taylor Scott, nothing is black and white. He operates in the grey areas between genres, creating his own colorful hybrid of roots-rock, funk, soul, and troubadour-style Americana. It’s a sound that’s as diverse as its creator, whipped into sharp shape by a musician who’s equal parts guitar hero and singer/songwriter craftsman.


Scott has crafted original songs that nod to his influences while simultaneously reaching beyond them. Schooled in the classic songwriting of Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and Jerry Jeff Walker, he combined a lyric-driven approach with the fiery fretwork of an instrumentalist who’d experienced his coming-of-age while touring the world. This wasn’t the blues. It wasn’t funk, rock, or jam-band music, either. Instead, it was all of those things: a sound that was diverse and singular at the same time.


Catch the Taylor Scott Band at Tamarack Resort from 5pm-8pm on June 8th, during the national NW Mountain Challenge Triple Crown Archery Shoot!

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