Darian Renee and Tree City Soul

Darian Renee and Tree City Soul are joining as the funkiest pop band in Idaho!

Darian Renee draws upon her skills as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound designer, vocalist, songwriter, engineer and producer to help bring creative visions to life for like-minded artists. A Berklee College of Music and Juilliard educated musician, she uses music and creativity as a tool to bridge connections, appreciate perspective, spread messages that bring awareness to celebrate culture, worldviews and freedom of expression to create a very rich inner world for herself and to not only enrich the soundscapes & music but the lives of the artists she works with.

Tree City Soul is a pop cover band based in Boise, ID, known for their eclectic blend of funk, soul, pop, R&B, and dance music. Comprised of veteran musicians, each member brings a wealth of touring experience from across the country, having mastered a variety of genres including rock, jazz, and blues.

Whether you’re a discerning music lover or just looking for a great night out, Darian Renee and Tree City Soul promises a show that will leave you wanting more.

Catch this amazing mashup of talented musicians on June 29th, from 5pm-8pm in Discovery Square at Tamarack Resort!

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