Mountain Stats

Summit Elevation 7,700′
Base Elevation 4,900′
Vertical Drop 2,800′
Lift Accessible Terrain 1100 Acres
Number of Lifts 7
Number of Runs 50


Chairlift Stats

Tamarack Express

Vertical  Rise 1,700′
Ride Time 8 minutes

Wildwood Express

Vertical  Rise 1,646′
Ride Time 6 minutes

Summit Express

Vertical Rise 1,100′
Ride Time 3.5 minutes

Buttercup Chairlift

Vertical Rise 331′
Ride Time 5 minutes

Discovery Chairlift

Vertical Rise 105′
Ride Time 3 minutes

Rock Creek Poma

Vertical Rise 78′
Ride Time 1.5 minutes

Mutton Buster

Magic Carpet 20′
Ride Time 1 minute

Winter Uphill Policy

  • Uphill travel is not allowed at Tamarack Resort

Additional Mountain Information

  • Alpine, nordic and backcountry skiing, and snowshoeing
  • East-facing slope, minimum wind, maximum snow retention
  • Diverse terrain including glades, steeps, cornices, and cruisers
  • 50 runs and 7 lifts, including 3 high-speed quads


Skier/Snowboarder Responsibility Code

There are elements of risk involved in skiing and snowboarding that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce.

  1. Always ski in control and in a such a manner that you can stop or avoid other skiers or objects
  2. When skiing downhill or overtaking another skier, it is the uphill skiers responsibility to avoid the skier below them.
  3. You must not stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible to others on the mountain.
  4. When entering a trail or starting downhill, yield to other skiers.
  5. All skiers shall use devices to help prevent runaway gear.
  6. You shall keep off closed trails and posted areas and observe all posted signs.
  7. You must have the knowledge and ability to use lift properly while loading, riding and unloading.

For more information of liabilities of skiers, please review Idaho Statute 6-1106.