Tickets and Passes

2014-2015 Season Passes

  • Dates of operation for the 2014-2015 Season: Dec. 12 – March 31
  • 7 DAYS A WEEK OPERATION! 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Food service, rental and retail services at base lodge provided by Tamarack Municipal Association




Season Pass Pricing!

2014–2015 Season Pass

Pass Product Price through 11/12/14 Price after 11/12/14 Details
Family Pass $849 $1,099 2 Adults and IRS dependents < 23 yrs. old
First Time adult Pass $279 $399 18 and over
Existing Adult Pass $369 $399 18 and over
College/Military $249 $249 Show valid ID
Teen $199 $239 13-17 yrs. old
Local Teen $150 $239 13-17 yrs. old
Junior $79 $99 7-12 yrs. old
Small Child $10 $10 6 yrs. old and under
Over 70 $10 $129 70+ yrs. old
Midweek Pass N/A $249 Monday-Friday
Any Mountain Upgrade $249 $319 Show 2014-2015 pass from any mountain

Ages as of November 1, 2014 for the 2014-2015 Season.

Prices do not include taxes and are subject to change.

* Family Pass is maximum of 2 adults, up to 4 dependents under age 23.




2014-2015 Daily Lift Prices

Daily Lift Full Day Half Day
Adult (18-69) $52 $43
Teen (13-17) $43 $36
Junior (7-12) $25 $20
Child (6 and under) FREE FREE
Senior (70+) $15 $15
Discovery/Mutton Buster Lifts Only $15 $15

Multi Day Tickets 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day
Adult (18-69 years)$95.00$139.00$182.00
Teen (13-17 years)$81.00$120.00$156.00
Junior(7-12 years)$46.00$69.00$92.00

2014-2015 Ticket and Pass Details

  • November 1, 2014 is the birthday cut-off date for all age specific tickets and season passes.
  • Adult - Anyone 18 years old after November 1, 2014
  • Junior - Between the age of 12 and 17 as of November 1, 2014
  • Youth - Between the age of 7 and 11 as of November 1, 2014
  • Child - Born after November 1, 2008
  • Senior - Born before November 1, 1944

Proof of age is required for all age specific tickets and passes. Valid forms include State Issued Driver's License, Passport, or original birth certificate.

  • Passes and lift tickets are non-transferrable and non-refundable after opening day (December 12, 2015).
  • Passes and POW cards purchased prior to December 12 will be available for pickup beginning December 9th thru 12th from 10am - 5pm, or during normal operating hours, at the Sports Dome. Please bring your confirmation with you.
  • Day ticket prices do not include applicable state and local taxes.
  • Half Day begins at 1:00PM

Family Pass Policy

  • Four or more people in one household (legally married with up to 4 dependent children or a single parent with up to 4 dependent children) can qualify.
  • Proof of marriage may be required if you have a blended family.
  • Only two members can be over the age of 23.
  • Children can be added up to the age of 23
  • Children 18 yrs-23 yrs must provide proof of dependency annually by most recent tax return documentation.
  • If married and filing taxes individually, then the address on tax information must match and dependents must be listed on either form.
  • If family members have different last names, then proof of a birth certificate for dependents may be required.
  • Siblings (or other relatives) 23 years of age and older who live together do not qualify. For example, two brothers living together with their children.
  • Foster children can be added with legal documentation. No hand written letters.
  • Adopted children can be added with legal documentation. No hand written letters.
  • Grandparents, in-laws, nannies, groundskeepers, housekeepers, roommates, etc., do not qualify.

Forgotten or lost passes

Season pass holders are allowed one "forgotten pass" ticket throughout the season for a charge of $20. If the pass is forgotten additional times, then the pass holder will be required to pay the full price of a lift ticket. Please see "Season Pass Fraud Policy".

In the event you lose your season pass due to the improper use as outlined by the "forgotten pass" notice or the replacement season pass notice you were required to sign when you obtained the "forgotten pass" ticket or replacement season pass, you will forfeit the pass for the remainder of the season, however you will be allowed to purchase daily lift tickets.

Lost passes will be replaced one time for a $50 fee. After that you will be responsible for purchasing a new pass at full price.

The Tamarack Resort season pass is revocable under the laws of the State of Idaho and is revocable at the sole discretion of Tamarack Resort.

Violation of any federal, state, or local law while on Tamarack Resort property will result in season pass cancellation without refund.