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The SKY Pass

For local students, the SKY Pass is your ticket to ride—for FREE!

Pick-up your child's SKY Pass at Tamarack Outfitters in the Village at Tamarack anytime! The Shred Shed is back on November 11, make sure to stop by to rent your child's winter gear for the upcoming season!


It's time to renew your kids SKY pass for unlimited winter recreation. Bring your child and their proof of enrollment to either Tamarack Outfitters to renew their pass for winter. Learn more by reading the details outlined below.


What is the SKY Pass?

The Students-Kids-Youth (SKY) Pass is a free, year-round pass providing summer and winter lift and meadows access at Tamarack Resort, created to encourage outdoor recreation and love of our home mountain for local students.

Who can get a SKY Pass?

The SKY Pass is available to any K-12 student enrolled in a public, private, or charter school located in Valley County (including all schools within the McCall-Donnelly and Cascade School District boundaries) or Meadows Valley School District. Additionally, the SKY Pass is available to any homeschool students with primary residence in any of these district boundaries.

Students must be in grades K-12 for the 2023-2024 school year. This includes students who will enter kindergarten fall of 2023. Unfortunately, this excludes 2023 high school graduates, but be sure to check out the great rates on our 20-Something and College Boundless Passes!

*Proof of enrollment and/or primary residence will be required to claim the SKY Pass.

When can I claim my SKY Pass and which dates is it good for?

The SKY Pass is currently available for pickup, and can be claimed anytime throughout the year. Pickup the SKY Pass at Tamarack Outfitters in the Village.

Are there blackout dates for the SKY Pass?

The SKY Pass does not have any blackout dates.

Will the SKY Pass only be offered this year?

The SKY Pass will be an ongoing program.

How much does the SKY Pass cost?

The SKY Pass is completely free of charge for those who qualify (see “Who can get a SKY Pass?” above.)

How do I claim my SKY Pass and what should I bring?

Students can claim their SKY passes right now! SKY Passes must be claimed in person at the ticket desk in Tamarack Outfitters located in the Village. The passholder must be present at the time of pick-up to get their photo taken.

Proof of enrollment in a McCall-Donnelly, Cascade, or Meadows Valley School District school (whether public, private, or charter), along with a photo ID or birth certificate will be required. For homeschool students, proof of primary residency, proof of homeschool curriculum/virtual schooling, and a photo ID or birth certificate will be required.

Proof of enrollment includes any documentation that is school issued, and contains both the student’s name and school. Including, but not limited to:

- Student ID
- Report card
- Email with school email address
- PowerSchool or Schoology information page

To prove primary residence, you must bring at least 3 of the following:

- Motor vehicle registration
- Driver’s license
- Voter registration
- Tax documents showing the Residential Unit as the Permanent Resident’s residence for the purposes of a homeowner’s tax exemption
- A utility bill

What can I do with the SKY Pass?

The SKY Pass provides winter lift access, winter Nordic and fat bike access, summer bike park access, summer scenic lift ride access, as well as meadows trail access. It does NOT include any other benefits.

Families that are looking for additional benefits should consider purchasing Boundless Passes for their students.

What do I do if I bought a Boundless Pass for a student who qualifies for a SKY Pass and I want a refund?

Tamarack will offer refunds to any families that would like to swap out Boundless Passes for SKY Passes and will restructure any Family Boundless Passes that need to be converted to Individual Passes. Remember, the SKY Pass provides year-round lift and meadows access only and does NOT include any other benefits offered by the Boundless Pass. Refunds will be granted up until and including Dec, 2023. For questions about refunds, please contact or call 208.325.1030.

Are SKY Passes transferable?

SKY Passes are non-transferrable

What do I do if I forgot or lost my SKY Pass?

All SKY Pass holders can receive 1 free “forgot pass” ticket throughout the winter 23/24 season. Your pass will be deactivated until you either stop by or call Tamarack Outfitters to reactivate. After you have used up your 1 free “forgot pass” ticket you will need to purchase a new pass for $25.00.

Do I need to sign a liability release?

Yes, this will be done at pick-up. These documents can be requested by calling 208.325.1030 or emailing

Who do I contact if I have questions about the SKY Pass?

Still have questions about the SKY Pass? Feel free to email us at or call 208.325.1030