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Winter Uphill Travel Policy

Tamarack will allow limited uphill traffic during the 2021-2022 season.

Uphill traffic is prohibited during business hours. Uphill traffic will be allowed at designated times beginning when our Snowmaking efforts are complete for the season (February 1). Uphill traffic and skier traffic will be allowed on Serenity and Waltz ONLY.


Daily operations hours are from 9am – 4:45pm. Uphill traffic is not allowed during this time. Once we open for uphill traffic, uphill hours will be from 5am-8am and  5pm – 8pm.


  • Uphill traffic must remain visible at all times, including during hours in which it is dark. Uphill traffic must stay on the side of the trail and single file. We strongly suggest lights and reflective clothing.
  • We will issue a reflective band along with your uphill pass which will be visible at all times. This is for safety and to identify eligible uphillers.
  • Uphill traffic must be aware the slopes are in use 24 hours a day, and to be on guard for snowmobiles and snow cats.
  • Uphill traffic must be aware of downhill traffic.
  • Uphill traffic may be restricted or closed during winch cat operations, avalanche mitigation efforts or any mountain construction or safety concerns.
  • Uphill traffic must obey all on-mountain signage, including closed runs and rope closures.
  • Carrying children or babies in backpacks or carriers is not permitted.
  • Uphill traffic is limited to Waltz to Mid-Mountain Only.  No uphill traffic above Mid-Mountain or in Wildwood area.