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Summer Uphill Travel Policy

No uphill travel allowed at this time due to snow making project on mountain

Tamarack Mountain Summer Uphill Policy

Tamarack will allow limited uphill traffic during the summer of 2022. All traffic must scan the QR code with required signatures. We ask that all uphill traffic check the tamarack web site to check for any downhill trail closures.


Daily operations hours are from 10:00am – 4:00pm. Uphill traffic is not allowed during this time. Waltz trail is under construction this summer and will be open later this summer for uphill traffic. Meadow trails will remain open at all times. Trails are not patrolled after 5:00pm. Uphill traffic on downhill trails is prohibited at all times


Uphill traffic must remain visible at all times. Uphill traffic must yield to downhill traffic at trail crossings.

Uphill traffic must Yield to construction and stay off closed trails.

Uphill traffic must be aware of downhill traffic.

Uphill traffic may be restricted or closed during heavy equipment use, trail work or tree and vegetation removal.

Uphill traffic must obey all on-mountain signage.

Carrying children or babies in backpacks or carriers is not permitted.

Open trails will be updated on the website.

Bike passes will be revoked for non-compliant hikers or riders.

For additional questions or concerns please call patrol: 208.325.2031