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Tamarack Resort 2024 Lodging Policies

Last Update: 10/23

Important Reminder:

All properties located at Tamarack Resort are privately owned residences. At no time may guests enter a private dwelling without prior written consent from Tamarack Property Management or the property owner. Nor can guests move furniture, hang objects on walls, and/or remove any items belonging to the rented unit out. Failure to comply can result in reservation termination, and prosecution. Please note: the person(s) whose name is listed on the reservation is solely responsible for all people on the premises during the entire duration of your stay.

Payment of deposits by guest or guest’s agent (hereafter referred to as ‘you/your’) constitutes acceptance and confirmation you have read and agree to; the deposit, cancellation and use policies, restrictions, and additional information given in this Rental Agreement. Your credit card is used for any advance payments and/or deposits, you hereby agree to have the advance payments and/or deposits listed in the guest’s confirmation charged to the credit card, and further agree that said amounts shall be subject to the deposit and cancellation policies given in this Rental Agreement. You are responsible for payment of all nights confirmed, regardless of any late arrival or early departure date. Guest further agrees that there are no warranties or guarantees on ski conditions, number of runs open, weather conditions, or the operating status of any other amenity at the resort including but not limited to pools, hot tubs, waterfront activities, zipline, guided services and golf course. If all Deposit or Balance Due payments are not received by the due dates given on this Confirmation, this reservation will be considered cancelled under the terms and conditions provided herein and are subject to the deposit and cancellation policies as outlined.

Hold Harmless
Renters through Tamarack Resort agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Tamarack Resort Two LLC, Tamarack Food and Beverage LLC, Tamarack Property Management LLC, Tamarack Development LLC, Tamarack Mountain Operations LLC, Tamarack Real Estate Holdings LLC, Tamarack Resort Holdings LLC, and Tamarack Municipal Association Inc harmless from all losses, expenses or damages of any nature whatsoever in connection with the rental and use of the unit and from liability for injury to any person or property on, and/or in connection with the unit from any cause whatsoever, excluding events to the extent such costs, expenses, damages or liabilities are caused by Tamarack’s own gross negligence or willful misconduct. Tamarack shall not be liable to the renter or to any other person for any error in judgment or for doing or omitting to do any matter or thing pursuant to the terms of this agreement, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

Accommodation Requests:
At Tamarack Resort, we make every effort to ensure that you get the property you request. If circumstances, including but not limited to maintenance issues or homeowner requests prevent us from honoring your specific request, we will transfer your reservation to a comparable or upgraded unit at no cost to you.

Considering Tamarack’s distinctive ownership framework, it is imperative to convey that requests for reassignment from your initially rented unit are regrettably not accommodated and shall remain unfulfilled. We strongly recommend that you exercise thorough diligence when selecting your unit during the booking process.

Air Conditioning:
Only a limited number of our units are equipped with air conditioning, as it’s generally required for just a few weeks annually. To maintain a comfortable temperature in your unit we recommend opening windows and sliding doors in the evening to cool the space, then closing all doors and windows and drawing the blinds before the heat of the day of the day. Prior to booking, we advise reviewing the property description carefully, or using the filter option to search for units with air conditioning if this feature is essential for your stay.

All discounts must be applied at time of booking, discounts or packages cannot be added to existing reservations. Please note: cancellation policies may vary for lodging promotions or packages.

Check In and Check Out Time:
Check-in is at 4:00 PM and check-out at 11:00 AM. Unfortunately, early check-in/out requests cannot be accommodated. Departures after 11:00 A.M. will be charged half of the daily rate and after 2:00 P.M. will be charged one full daily rent rate.

Deposit/Cancellation Policy:
At the time of booking, a one-night room and tax deposit is due along with any relevant fees for the stay as a non-refundable security deposit*. The remainder of your stay will be due 30 days prior to arrival and will automatically be charged to the card on file. If you must cancel your reservation for any reason within 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival, 50% of your total cost will be refunded. If your check-in date is within 30 days, the full reservation amount will be charged at the time of booking.

*We do allow a 24-hour grace period after booking. Should you need to cancel or change, please call the Front Desk within 24 hours of booking. If you must cancel your reservation, we will keep a 3% booking fee. Other changes are subject to rate differences based on dates/unit chosen.

Trip Insurance:
Due to the remote nature of Tamarack Resort, we highly recommend purchasing the Trip Insurance offered during the booking process. This will allow cancellation at any time for any reason. Trip insurance must be purchased at the time of booking and guarantees a 90% refund (of total reservation value).

Cleaning Fee:
A non-refundable cleaning fee is included in the total cost of all reservations. If any property is left above normal dirtiness, we reserve the right to bill accordingly for any additional cleaning that is deemed necessary by management. We do not provide mid-stay housekeeping. However, we are happy to provide you with additional towels, linens, toiletries, or other amenities upon request.

Damage Fee:
Occupant is liable for any damages to the premises including but not limited to the furnishings, equipment, and/or household items in which damage occurred during occupancy, excluding normal wear and tear. Please report any damages to your unit during your stay and prior to your departure.

A non-refundable damage fee is included in the total cost of all reservations (apart from hotel rooms). This fee varies depending on the type of accommodation. Please Note: THIS IS NOT INSURANCE[NB1] . It protects you from incurring expenses related to accidental damage to your rental unit during your stay. Damages MUST be disclosed to management prior to check-out.

Fee Breakdown:

2-bedroom units and smaller - $59 damage fee: covers up to $1500 in damages *

3-bedroom units and larger - $79 damage fee: covers up to $3000 in damages*

*This does NOT include any damage due to negligence, or any other kind of unreasonable circumstances.

Hot Tubs:
o If you cause a circumstance that requires additional service, i.e., splashing water out of the tub, creating filth, leaving the cover open, exceeding the limitations of how many individuals are permitted in the spa at one time, the following charges at a minimum, will apply:

o   $85 for a service call to add water or rebalance chemicals. 

o   $150 if the tub is so dirty that it requires a drain and fill to restore it to useable condition. 

o   Hot tub covers are for insulation purposes and are not designed to support a person or persons. DO NOT STAND OR PUT WEIGHT ON THE HOT TUB COVERS, as they will break, and you will be charged for a replacement cover. 

o   You will be responsible for proper use of the hot tub cover Lift Assist. Guest will be responsible for a replacement Lift Assist due to misuse resulting in damage to the Lift Assist. 

o   Please remember to cover the hot tub when not in use to maintain temperature. If at any time the hot tub looks cloudy or dirty, or has unpleasant odor, you will cease further use of the hot tub and will call Tamarack Lodging immediately. 

Agents Right of Entry:

We wish to kindly remind you that, on occasion, our resort personnel may require access to your accommodation for a variety of purposes, including housekeeping, maintenance, or the delivery of requested amenities. Please rest assured that we hold your privacy to the highest regard, and we will consistently observe the etiquette of knocking and announcing our presence prior to entering your room.

Should you wish to enjoy an uninterrupted stay, we provide a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign for your convenience, which can be affixed to the external door handle. Your preference will be promptly honored, and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Quiet Time/Termination of Occupancy:
Tamarack Resort is committed to being a good neighbor and asks that you be considerate of those who are staying or living near your unit. From time to time some occupants disturb their neighbors, by creating excessive noise, smoke, or other nuisances. Tamarack Security enforces our noise ordinance between 10 pm and 7 am. Tamarack Resort maintains the right to end your stay and remove you from the unit at any moment in the event of reported disturbances that affect neighboring guests. In such circumstances, any reservation fees paid to Tamarack Resort will also be forfeited.

Dog Policy:

Please note that dogs are only permitted in specific rental units where it is explicitly stated during the reservation process. If a unit allows dogs, a non-refundable pet fee of $75 will apply.  You must make note of your dog(s) during the booking process. Unauthorized dogs within your unit or on the property will result in immediate termination of the rental agreement without a refund and a $200 pet cleaning fee may apply.

No Smoking:
All our properties including but not limited to: Lodge Units, Village Units, Cottages, Townhomes, Chalets, and Estate Homes, are designated as smoke-free environments. This policy encompasses all indoor and outdoor areas such as decks, patios, hallways, lobbies, garages, plaza areas, restaurants, as well as pool and hot tub areas. Smoking within any of the prior specified areas is strictly prohibited and may result in the immediate termination of your Rental Agreement, with a $500 cleaning fee.

Items Included in Rental:
All the properties at Tamarack Resort include, linens, towels, hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, makeup wipes, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, laundry soap and dishwasher detergent if applicable. Units equipped with a kitchenette or full kitchen are furnished with essential cookware, with the number of plates and glassware matching that of the unit’s occupancy. For specific cookware or specialty items, such as oil and spices, we recommend bringing your own for your own safety. Please note that each unit is individually owned, so the household goods and décor can vary from unit to unit. We ensure that each unit meets the minimum requirements for our rental program.

Fireplaces and Firewood:
Many of our units feature either propane or wood-burning fireplaces, some units also offer outdoor fireplaces or fire pits for your enjoyment. Upon check-in, we provide ONE bundle of wood for each reservation. Should you require additional firewood, please feel free to contact our front desk to purchase extra bundles at a rate of $7 each. We kindly request that fires be confined to designated areas, and before departing, ensure that all fires are fully extinguished.

We also highly recommend checking with local wildland agencies (i.e., Forest Service) for any current burn bans or fire-related restrictions in the area, as safety and compliance with local regulations are of the utmost importance. IN ANY EMERGENCIES CALL 9-1-1

BBQ’s & Gas:
Many of our units are equipped with BBQ grills for the convenience and enjoyment of our guests. While Tamarack Property Management can provide recommendations to homeowners regarding the type of BBQ to include, the final choice is at the discretion of the homeowner. Some BBQ grills are connected to the property’s gas line, while others use small propane tanks. If you find an empty propane tank upon arrival, please contact us, and we will promptly supply you with a full tank.

To avoid any additional charges, please ensure that you turn off the propane tank after use and DO NOT use anything as an alternative fuel (i.e., paper, other pellets, etc.). Should a tank be left on and subsequently emptied, a replacement tank fee may apply, unless otherwise specified as part of our services.

Tamarack Resort experiences constraints on available parking, particularly when the winter season is in full swing.

  • Lodge at Osprey Meadows

Guests can utilize the underground parking garage and elevators for their convenience on a first-come, first-served basis. A parking pass will be provided by the Front Desk upon check-in.

  • The Village

Each condominium is designated one garage parking spot, and the Front Desk will issue a parking pass during check-in. We kindly request that you park only in the spot corresponding to your confirmed condominium number.

  • Townhomes, Cottages, Chalets, and Estate Homes

Some units may offer garage parking. To determine how many vehicles a specific unit can accommodate, please inquire with the Front Desk. Please note that certain units have space for only 1-2 vehicles. If you have more vehicles than your unit can accommodate, additional parking is available in the lower parking lot of The Lodge at Osprey Meadows, or the parking area as you enter Tamarack Resort

Boats/RVs/Motorhomes/Trailers/Extra Vehicles – Dial-a-Ride (208) 325 1155

The above-listed vehicles/trailers are not permitted to be parked at any of the units at Tamarack Resort. We have a designated lot at the entrance of the resort. You must obtain a parking pass from the Front Desk. While the parking lot is under 24-hour surveillance for your security, we recommend taking additional precautions by locking your items.

Parking passes must be displayed in your vehicle when parked at Tamarack Resort. Please observe and follow all posted signage for Tamarack parking areas.

Lost and Found:
Tamarack disclaims responsibility for any lost, stolen, or inadvertently left-behind items. Our diligent effort is to retain such items for a duration of 30 days, after which they are subject to disposal.

We sincerely appreciate your choice of our resort for your stay, and we remain at your disposal for any inquiries or concerns you may have. We trust that you will relish your time with us.


Tamarack Property Management