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06/16/2023 - Another productive week on the golf course! Next Saturday we will open the #18 green area for short game. There will be 3-6 pins where you can put, chip and practice green side bunker play and there will be no charge for this area if you have your own clubs. Kids golf clinics begin next Friday from 5-6:30 pm. Each clinic will be $20 per child and this includes rentals if needed. These clinics serve children ages 5-7 with a maximum of 12 kids per clinic. Home owner and employee clinics will start in two weeks so stay tuned!

Remember that all golf course cart paths are closed. This is for your safety as well as our staff and contractors. There is a lot of work and machines out on the course.

Driving Range is now open for business as well as the golf shop. Stop by to purchase access to the range and say hi to the staff. New apparel is starting to arrive.