Ride For Free

Only on Discovery Chairlift

We want to make the mountains as accessible as possible for everyone. We decided to remove a barrier to skiing and give beginner riders access to our Learning Area on Discovery Chairlift for FREE!

To get your ticket simply go to Tamarack Outfitters and ask for your free day ticket to explore the Discovery Learning Area on us.

This ticket is only valid for Discovery Chair and will not work on any other chairlifts. 

Making The Mountain Accessible

Here at Tamarack Resort we want everyone to be able to enjoy our mountain, that is why we have several programs that are designed to help get you on the mountain at a low cost. Beyond the free tickets on Discovery Chair check out our Shred Shed program which happens in the fall and offers a way for children to get gear for a $20 refundable deposit! If you’re a local student in Valley County you get what’s called the SKY Pass. The SKY Pass is a completely free all-season pass for local students to get out on the mountain year round. We can’t wait to see you on the mountain!

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