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Explore the mountain in a unique, thrilling, action packed, Zipline tour. Experience the rush and listen to the cable sing as we guide you over 4,425 feet of incredible terrain. We'll send you down 8 different ziplines, soaring over creeks, canyons, and forest as you come to rest on a platform high above the ground in a majestic ponderosa pine. Your experienced guides will narrate your journey with information about plants and animals native to the Payette River Mountains and the history of this area.

This incredible tour gives you a bird’s eye view of the surrounding mountains, meadows, lakes and forest. We give you the opportunity to fly by a cable, in a tour full of adrenalin and adventure through Tamarack’s rugged mountain terrain. Fly from your comfort zone and try it because going against all those primitive reflexes and rationales is exactly what make this adrenaline rush rock!

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  • No prior experience required.
  • Tours include stair climbing and hiking.
  • All you need is closed toed hiking boots and a thirst for adventure!
  • Helmet, top of the line harness & pulley system provided.
  • Weight requirements: 85 lbs - 275 lbs.

Fun Facts on Idaho’s #1 Zipline tour

  • 8 zip lines on the mountain.
  • Ziplines range from 250 - 800 feet long.
  • 1,700 feet in elevation changes.
  • Suspended up to 170 feet above the ground.
  • Personalized tour with an 8:2 guest to guide ratio.

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WARNING: This fun filled adventure is not encouraged for those afraid of heights, people with recent injuries including surgery or expectant mothers.