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Tuning & Repairs

Our repair shop is loaded with state-of-the-art Wintersteiger tuning equipment and expert knowledgeable staff; our experience makes your experience even better.

Edge & Wax Services

We offer a variety of waxing options ranging from hand hot wax applied with an iron to a quick WaxJet that can be done in minutes. All hand waxes are applied for current snow conditions. All ski and board edges are done with a GrindRite machine. All wax temperatures and the degree of edge bevels can be changed at the request of the skier or boarder.

Hand Hot Wax $15 $17
Machine Belt Wax $5 $5
Machine Edge Sharpening $5 $5
Machine Edge & Belt Wax $9 $9
Machine Edge & Hand Wax $18 $20

Binding Services

All ski mounts and remounts are done by an experienced Ski Technician using the appropriate brand and binding specific jig that is fitted to the customers’ boot.

Mounting of binding on new set of skis includes mounting & torque test.
$40 $25
Mounting of binding on a set of skis that has previously had bindings. Includes mounting of bindings, filling of old holes and torque test..
$50 $25
Removal $5 $5
Repair n/a $60/hour
Torque Test
Verifies that the binding is set correctly and release properly.
$20 n/a

$15 minimum on per hour pricing. Does not include parts.

Tuning & Other Services

Full Tune
Includes custom Winterseiger grind, hand edge and wax.
$50 $55
Parking Lot Tune
Includes core shot repair, custom grind, hand edge and wax.
$65 $75
New Ski/Board Prep
Includes base cleaning and a hand wax as well as breaking down the top sheet to minimize the chipping of equipment edges throughout the season.
$18 $20
Service Rate $60/hour $60/hour

$15 minimum on per hour pricing. Does not include parts.