Going on right now in the Sports Dome we are having a sale on outerwear and accessories excluding logo items for 20% off. The logo items include anything that have a Tamarack Logo on them. The accessories are pretty much anything else in the dome that is not clothing like gloves, helmets, belts, goggles and neck gators. Starting March 13th through the 19th those same things will be 30% off, March 20th through 26th 40% off and our last week we are open for the winter (27th-2nd) those same products will be 50% off. These items won’t be around that long so get them while they last!

If you didn’t know but our demo skis are always for sale. Now that the season is coming to a close you can pick up a great pair of skis for way under market value. Prices will be from $300 to $900 and that price includes the bindings on the skis and a full tune which is a $50 value. We have 37 pairs left which won’t last. Get them while you can, hard to beat these deals.

Lastly our final day for our skis season is April 2nd. On that Sunday we will have for sale the rest of our demo fleet (if any are left) and rental skis with bindings and rental snowboards. This is another way for you to save some money on new to you gear. We take great care of our skis/boards here at Tamarack so you know you getting a good quality product.