How many of you have seen the show Shark Tank? If not, that is okay, but if so, you may have noticed a homegrown company based out of Boise, Idaho called Proof Eyewear. In Shark Tank’s 417th episode you can watch Proof Eyewear enter the tank and deliver their product to the “sharks”. After being offered a deal, much deliberation, and a phone call home, Proof walked away from the Tank without having taken a deal. You would think that this local and eco-friendly company would have struggled to become anything substantial without having the aid of shark Daymond John, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Proof Eyewear’s sustainable and eco-friendly products has skyrocketed them into selling their products in more than 20 countries worldwide. Thanks to consumer support, and the support of the community, Proof has been able to blossom into something more than just “some company” from Boise, Idaho. Proof may be a local company, but their mission is not only to sell their product, they also to give back to the communities. Proof focuses on “doing good” not only locally here in Idaho, but on a global scale.

Earlier this month, the Tam Fam enthusiastically announced its renewed partnership with Boise-based business, Proof Eyewear. Tamarack and Proof Eyewear both share a passion for homegrown Idaho products and opportunity and when it comes to giving back to the community that supports these local businesses both companies are eager to lend a helping hand. Tam Fam ally, Proof Eyewear, embraces as socially conscious business model that lead to the birth of Proof’s Do Good Program that gives back to the community on a project-by-project basis.

The Do Good Program has utilized opportunities to partner with establishments such as the Nature Conservancy in Idaho and Boarding for Breast Cancer in order to assist in providing funds that directly benefit afflicted areas and individuals close to home. Locally, Proof Eyewear’s current focus is on their local do-good refugee project. Spreading “good” on a local and global level is something that Proof takes to heart. Currently, Proof Eyewear is partnered with Barber Town Eye Care, Eagle Vision One, and the English Language Center of Boise in order to help refugees in the local Idaho community with their vision and correcting visionary problems.

On a larger scale, Proof Eyewear has been able to partner with HELP International, a national organization that aids foreign countries in times of poverty and natural disaster, in order to travel and optimize their opportunity to “Do Good”. Proof Eyewear has traveled and donated their time and funds to countries such as India, El Salvador, Nepal, and the Philippines.

This past year, Proof Eyewear has donated 12% of their annual profits to their Do Good Program and firmly believes that even the smallest amounts of help can drastically change a person’s life. Whether Proof is home here in Idaho, or elsewhere in the world, their socially conscious business model generates voices and opportunity for those who may not have one and is consistently influencing everyone in their wake to “Do Good”.

The Tam Fam is pleased to renew our partnership with an innovative and socially conscious organization like Proof Eyewear and encourage our Tam Fam members to go forward and “Do Good”. To learn more about Proof Eyewear and their Do Good Program visit: