The McCall Winter Carnival is such a special week for locals and visitors all around! Many gather for the annual celebration filled with fireworks, awesome food, Mardi Gras parade and fun things to do for the entire family! Here are some fun facts from this past 2015 McCall Winter Carnival:

  1. The McCall Winter Carnival was inspired by the Payette Winter Games in 1924
  2. The first McCall Winter Carnival started in 1965. This yeas was the 50th anniversary of the McCall Winter Carnival!
  3. Over 60,000 people came to this years carnival
  4. Snow sculptures is a main attraction for the carnival. Some of the sculptures reach over 20ft tall!
  5. Between Winter Carnival and the Mardi Gras parade, over 500,000 bead necklaces were given out!


Photo Credit: McCall Chamber, The Hunt Lodge Sculpture Winner