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The Spa at Tamarack

The Spa at Tamarack Resort therapists are passionate about their practice and work with you to make sure every facial and massage is specialized to your needs. We ensure that every experience is relaxing and enriching to achieve your desired outcome. We believe in using only the best skin care products and the most beneficial techniques to provide a spa experience that will nourish both your body and spirit.

Full Body Massage


50 minute - $125

80 minute - $175

110 minute - $225


Swedish Massage

Are you looking for the perfect way to relax while on vacation? Tamarack Resort’s signature Swedish massage therapists use long strokes and light to firm pressure to provide gentle relaxation to your entire body. Our aim is to increase blood circulation and promote relaxation by improving you muscles flexibility and releasing body tension.

Sport Massage

Give your body the tender care it needs while our experts focus on particular muscle groups after you have spent time on the mountain. This massage involves greater pressure to work out the kinks in the muscle tissue to ensure you're ready for the next adventure.

Deep Tissue Massage

Dig a little deeper to release your body. It is perfect for anyone who needs deeper, structural massages to work out knots and chronic muscle pain by incorporating a higher degree of pressure to targeted areas on your body.




Signature Facial

Our signature facial starts with a derma plane treatment to remove the dead, dry skin cells and peach fuzz from the surface of your skin. This is a one-of-a-kind facial tailored to your skin needs and goals, including customized enzymes, gua sha (traditional Chinese healing method), lymphatic drainage, facial massage. You will see instantly brighter, glowing skin!

Gua Sha Facial Fusion

Achieve immediately noticeable results in the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, dark circles, puffy eyes and sagging skin by combining a unique blend of facial massage therapies that clears noxious accumulation, releases deep-seated tension and promotes the free flow of vital nutrients to feed the skin and repattern the way it ages.

Skin Care Products

Skinbetter Science

skinbetter products are purposefully developed to help patients achieve beautiful skin. Learn More

Prakash Organics

Prakash Organics are created with the highest quality, most luxurious skincare oils. Learn More