America’s gravity stage bike race series is back at Tamarack!


On Saturday, July 11th the Trail Party crew will be here on their national race series!


The events are focused on reaching a broader audience of riders by creating a laid back race experience. They call this exceptional format Gravity Stage Racing. Trail Party is rider-owned, giving their organization a unique insight into rider experience. They believe that every rider deserves the same level of service in our race from beginners to professional. They are dedicated to creating a loyal rider base that will in turn support sustainable events that could someday be offered at Bike Parks around the nation.


Saturday 7/11

8:30am: Expert, 17, and under men, 18-29 men, 40-49 men, 12 and under

9:30am: Pro, Pro Women, 30-39 men, 50+ men, Am Women, Beg Women, Beg Men, E Bikes


Saturday 7/11

9:00am: Beg Men, Beg Women, 18-29 men, 40-49 men, 50+ men

9:30am: Pro, Pro Women, Expert, Am Women, 17 and under, 30-39men, E Bikes

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