On this special evening Tamarack mixes first-timers, regulars, homeowners and employees to celebrate life in the mountains in one helluva party!  This event is unlike anything in ski country.  Why?  We are Tam Fam.  This is who we are, and people like us do things like this.

Here’s the details:

On Sunday, January 13 numerous employees will be on the Tam Fam Prom Court.  They’ll be out on the slopes working to earn your vote for King & Queen of Tamarack!  Just stop into Seven Devils throughout the day and vote for your favorite employee.

Then, at 5pm our DJ will begin spinning tunes.  At 6:30pm, the Tam Fam King & Queen will be crowned… and the party will be thumping!

Of course, this is prom and guests should dress to impress!  The theme of this year’s Prom is Dead Man’s Party.  Come dressed as your favorite dead celebrity or as a ghoulish party goer (oh, yeah… ruffled dresses and old school tuxedos are always in fashion!).  Whatever you choose, be ready to party with your fellow Tam Fam!

What a Party!

Dead Man’s Party