The Tam Fam knows how hard Santa works, especially after a long Christmas Eve of delivering gifts to good girls and boys. That’s why we want to show our gratitude for the big guy by giving him (and his doppelgängers) a free day of skiing on Christmas Day.

That’s right, on December 25, Tamarack Resort will be spreading Christmas cheer by giving away free lift tickets to everyone who arrives at the resort dressed as Old Saint Nick. And we expect the whole kit and caboodle: Santa hats, red coats with white trim, red pants, and beards.

Arrive at the ticket desk, located in the Sports Dome, by 11 A.M. and our Holiday gift to you will be a free day on the slopes. At 1 P.M., we request that all of our Kris Kringles meet at the bottom of the Tamarack Express lift for a brief photo opp, followed by a Christmas-tactular run of shredding Santas.