Childcare at the Wildhorse

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Closed for the summer. See you next winter!

The Wildhorse is a state-licensed childcare center offering enriching, caring, and fun infant, toddler, and childcare for kids ages 6 months and up.

At the Wildhorse, it is our mission to keep your children happy, safe, active, and creative. We do this through a wide variety of games, puzzles, books, toys, movies, arts and crafts projects, and nutritious meals. Our programs are safe and fun while they enhance the mental, physical, and social development of the children. We are grateful and excited for the opportunity to care for the most precious thing of all…your children!

Time Price
Full Day (Includes lunch) $59
Half Day $49
Hourly $15

**Reservations: Childcare reservations are available & strongly recommended for full & half-day care, especially on weekends and during peak seasons. They can be made by calling 208.325.1021 with the date(s) of childcare, your name and phone number, a valid credit card number, and the child’s name and age. Hourly childcare is also offered, but on a day of availability basis.

The Wildhorse is geared for the well child. We do our best to keep the Wildhorse a healthy place to visit. In keeping with this goal, we cannot accept a child with fever, vomiting, diarrhea, unexplained rash, green nasal discharge, or pink, irritated eye with or without discharge. Children exhibiting unusual symptoms will be subject to further assessment.

Call the Wildhorse at 208.325.1021 for Reservations