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Osprey Meadows Golf Course

Discover why Osprey Meadows was awarded America's Best New Public Course and one of the Region's Best New Courses in 2006 and 2007. Osprey Meadows Hours | Events | Tee Times: 208.325.GOLF

About the Course

Robert Trent Jones Jr.
Robert Trent Jones II, LLC

Course type
Championship layout that caters to both daily fee play and reserved club member access.


Course Par 5s Par 4s Par 3s
Osprey Meadows 5 8 5
Traditional 4 10 4

Course Rating & Slope

Men Rating Slope
74.9 143
72.2 136
68.2 129
63.6 111

Women Rating Slope
81.5 155
78.4 151
73.8 141
68.3 128

Total Yardage

Tee Yardage

Average size: 7,000 square feet

Green slope gradient
Typically less than 3 percent

Inside Lodge at Osprey Meadows

Practice Facility

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Water Features

On Hole No. 2, there is a neat series of ponds and waterfalls, through which 1,000 gallons of water per minute will flow. The mini-creek is about 250 feet long, and it will feature 500 vertical feet of drop for the waterfall effect. The RTJ II course has multiple water features, including large ponds, creeks and wetlands.

Practice Facility

The practice facility is perched high above a large bowl-shaped basin, adjacent to Hole No. 3. This will be a fun place to practice because it always seems like you can hit a golf ball a mile from a tee located on a high perch. The distance of the practice range is 350 yards – plenty of room for all hitters.

Future Development

A second 18-hole course is planned for future development. Course architect has yet to be selected.

Fun Facts

More than 2,000 sprinkler heads were installed throughout the course. The water comes from two wells, which can pump 2,400 gallons per minute at 125 psi.

The course has more than 100 bunkers for 18 holes. Break out the piña coladas and get ready for the beach!

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