Zipline Tours

Tours Available 5 days a week (summer months) Thursday - Monday
Includes 8 - Zip Lines and 2 Suspension Bridges
Morning Tour 9:00 and 10am
Afternoon Tour 1:00 and 2pm
Weekends & Holidays $109 per person, per tour
Monday - Friday $99
Groups of 6+ $79
4 for the price of 3 May 27 through June 30
Resevations Available April 2017 | Recommended 7 days in advance

Taxes/fees (TMA Civic fee  5% + Idaho Sales tax 6%) not included

Fun Facts on Idaho’s #1 Zipline tour

Explore the West Mountains by Zip-line.  Experience the adrenaline rush and listen to the cable sing as we guide you over 3,500 feet of incredible terrain.  We’ll send you down 8 different zip-lines and 2 suspension bridges, soaring over creeks, canyons and through the forest canopy from one platform to another.

Fly from your comfort zone and try it – because going against all those primitive reflexes and rationales is exactly what make this adrenaline rush rock!

Tamarack will begin taking reservations for zipline operations in April of 2017.


Zip-line frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I need to have prior experience to Zip-line?

A: No, your guides will give you a orientation and lead you through each zip-line to make sure you have a safe & great experience.


Q: Do I need to be in good shape for this activity?

A: You will have to be physically fit enough to hike approximately 3/4 mile downhill between zip-line platforms.


Q: Can I bring my own equipment?

A: No! All equipment is provided, except hiking shoes, which will be required.


Q: How many people can go together on a trip?

A: Each tour is limited to 8 people.


Q: If I have a season pass do I get a discount?

A: No, the price is $109 on weekends and holidays, $99 on weekdays and $79 if you book in a group of 6 or more.


Q: What should I bring along for the trip?

A: Tamarack provides a helmet, top of the line harness and trolley system.  You provide sturdy hiking shoes and a thirst for adventure.  Small light backpacks are fine.  You will be on the mountain and it can be subject to quick weather changes.  Check the weather forecast before you go , dress and prepare accordingly.  You may also want to bring extra water.


Q: Is tipping allowed or expected?

A:  It is customary to tip your guides 10%, if they did a good job and you had a great time. Tips are appreciated.